Can using Firefox get even better?

Former staffers at the Mozilla Foundation have launched a start-up which seeks to improve on the Firefox experience, according to CNET

Round Two planned a corporate launch Monday night with the promise

of bringing "a new crop of products and services that will enhance your

Firefox experience."

"When we launch our own

services, in about a month or so, we’ll be looking to offer the

must-have companion to Firefox," said Bart Decrem, Round Two CEO and a

former staffer at the Mozilla Foundation. "We see tremendous room for

innovating on top of the Mozilla and Firefox platform, and we see

ourselves as the first company outside of the nonprofit Mozilla

Foundation that’s fully dedicated to serving Firefox users."

I wonder what could be done to improve the Firefox experience (or even Firefox itself).  Firefox is light years ahead of Internet Explorer (at least until we see what is going to be incorporated into Internet Explorer 7 later this year).  Of course that is no reason to become complacent (unlike a massive software company we all know) so continued innovation becomes a necessity.

Round Two’s mission to improve the Firefox browsing experience may

puzzle some Firefox fans, who consider the browser an already vast

improvement over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer standard-bearer. Firefox

has capitalized on widespread dissatisfaction with IE’s security and

features to swipe considerable market share from Microsoft.

If anything, the continued development of the Firefox browser and the underlying platform pushes companies like Microsoft to innovate further and that can only be good for the industry as a whole and especially for us end-users.






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