Your energy field becomes your network

You’ve read many articles about personal area networks (or PANs) using technologies like Bluetooth and the like.  What about your energy field itself?  TheFeature has a pretty interesting article on this:

Costa Rica, 2012: After spending a day walking through the magnificent rainforests, you return to your hotel with a digital camera full of photographs of monkeys, army ants and exotic flowers. You walk up to a photograph printing kiosk in the lobby and place your finger on a silver-colored button. Instantly, the camera in your pocket comes to life. A special frequency modulator in the camera encodes the data in its flash memory, sending the data across the surface of your body at a rate of 10Mbps, where it jumps off your fingertip and into the transceiver circuit in the printer kiosk. Thumbnail images of your photographs appear on the screen, allowing you to pick out the ones you’d like to print or e-mail to friends. At the same time, the kiosk has queried the Web site of the camera’s manufacturer, and has discovered a new software driver for you camera. After you click the "OK" button, the driver update travels from the kiosk to the camera, and is installed.

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