New blogs launched (bit of self-promotion)

I have launched two new blogs this last weekend and I am working on integrating a WordPress blog into one of my existing sites. 

The first blog is Dharma Reiki.  I will be publishing posts on a variety of esoteric and spiritual topics that take my fancy.  This blog is also the online presence of my Dharma Reiki Centre so there will be posts relevant to complementary and alternative healing, particularly Reiki.

The second blog is called Wired Gecko and I will use this blog to publish posts dealing with blogging, mobile technology and other technologies which may be of interest to businesses looking for ways to improve the ways they communicate and operate.  This is quite an ambitious blog, for me, and I look forward to seeing how it develops.

I am also looking at how to integrate a WordPress blog into  The site needs a bit of a boost and until I can afford to revamp it the way I would like to, I need to implement some of the lessons I have learned as a blogger to make the site a bit more appealing to its visitors and prospective clients.






What do you think?

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