Sometimes you have to laugh

People often comment on the crime in South Africa and it unfortunately becomes a favourite topic of conversation around many South African dinner tables.  After so many decades of white, minority rule and the impossible conditions our black majority were forced to live in, a crime wave was almost inevitable.  Of course there are many many more contributing factors.  In any event, here is the lighter side of the crime in South Africa.

BurglarThis genius managed to get himself stuck in between the bars over the window of a house he intended breaking into.  The story was reported a while ago so I don’t remember the details of the story.  Suffice to say things didn’t go as he had planned and the next morning he was discovered by the police still trapped.  After taking a moment to enjoy the spectacle and marvel at the robber’s stupidity, he was taken into custody.

As serious as crime is, sometimes you can only laugh at what goes on.






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