Tabs have spoiled me

I still use Internet Explorer for the odd site that seems to work better with IE.  One such site is, surprise surprise, the Microsoft site.  Anyway, I have been looking for a way to disable Windows Messenger on my PC (I haven’t been able to remove it using the facility to remove Microsoft components and it loads in the background, stopping my MSN Messenger from signing in) which has managed to hide itself altogether) so I started with the resources available (or not) on the Microsoft site.  Each page I wanted to view had to be opened in a new window and moving between them is a pain.

It was right then that I realised how valuable tabbed browsing has become to me and why I just could never go back to a browser than doesn’t use tabs.

(Hmm, my efforts to get some help on how to disable Windows Messenger have failed.  Would you believe the Microsoft site has nothing – or the info is buried deep where no-one can find it)

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