Wil Wheaton mentioned he is an official spokesman for igrep

Logo_main_smallIf you have a blank look on your face, that is how I felt when I read that news tidbit.  So, I went to the igrep site and discovered the following:

1. What is igrep?
Igrep is the first
(and only) vertical niche search engine specifically aimed at
developers and other people deeply interested in technology. It is a
search engine designed to help programmers be more productive by
enabling them to quickly locate exactly the information they need.

2. What does igrep search?
searches are currently powered from Developer Shed’s vast range of
content throughout its network of technology-focused websites. These
include more than five million documents, frequently asked questions,
and forums covering a wide range of technology issues. Areas covered
include, but are not limited to, open source software, Microsoft and
Microsoft-related technologies, website design and development,
hardware guides and reviews, search engine optimization, and Web

3. What can I do with an igrep search?
Because of the material we search, you will be able to examine an
article and/or tutorial that covers your search term(s), read (and sign
up for) a relevant newsletter, skim an FAQ covering the subject of your
search, check out a forum on the topic in which you can participate,
and so forth.

We will be adding capabilities to igrep that will enable you to search
by specifying certain criteria, such as open source, scripts,
discussion, hardware, and so forth. You will be able to sort your
results based on page title; number of hits within a page; or a
relevancy score, which is determined by comparing the document against
the search term. In particular, you will be able to decide for yourself
what criteria to use and the level of relevancy you want in your

Useful tool for developers, it seems.  Has anyone tried it out?  Any comments?

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