Hi David

I used the pre-release/beta versions up to version 1.9.79 or thereabouts. Don’t get me wrong, the software is not crap. I think it is great that it is available and being developed for free. In fact, if I didn’t get a good deal on MS Office 2003, I’d still be using OpenOffice.org although I’d probably stick with 1.1.4 until 2.0 is released. The beta versions (I am not sure if they were beta or had some other name) I was using looked much better than 1.1.4 and did some really good stuff for me. There was the odd crash but that was to be expected.

Ultimately though, I expected something ‘Wow’ and when the chance to get MS Office came up I jumped at it. I still worry about viruses and all sorts of uglies but I am happy with my decision.

Thanks for the comment.