Eat Mor Chikin

Pic31727_1This one is an old favourite and always gives me a good giggle, thanks mom!

Speaking of cows, there is a travelling exhibition of painted cows called "Cow Parade" which is currently here in South Africa.

Basically what happens is that artists are presented with identical white cows (well, statues of cows) and these artists paint the cows which then go on display at various locations.

My favourites include MooDonna and the Peace Cow.

What is CowParade?
An art exhibition with a
•difference (because it is on life-size fiberglass cows) and
•with a purpose (because the sale of the cows and any donations derived from the event go to CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation)
Why Cows?
It is a Swiss idea … What is Switzerland without the beautiful cow with the bell around the neck?
Who benefits?

CHOC, a non-government funded charity offers kids with Cancer, and
their families, direct and practical help in dealing with and surviving
this potentially life-threatening illness. This charity is made up from
an association of parents whose children have had cancer or a life
threatening blood disorder, so it is those who have experienced the
trauma who know.
How is the money raised?
Through the sale of the cows and any donations collected in any of the collection cows (the Cash Cows/Piggy Bank/ Moo Moo Bank)

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