Hey guys,
im new to this was just browsing the net to see if anyone else had any problems with there Nokia 6630. I brought the phone about 6months ago on pay as you go. not long after buying the phone i had a dew faults. such as the call button wouldn’t work. didn’t really pay much attention to it as i just turned the phone off and back on and it worked fine. but a couple of days ago the light on the screen kept lighting up and wouldn’t go off. i tried turning the phone off but it still wouldn’t stop the problem. so i then pulled the battery out but no sooner as the battery was back in the light came up straight away. even though it never used to.
the next day the phone started to scroll through menu’s by it self. mainly the turn off button menu. it stopped doing it but then later that day it started saying “press unlock and *” repeatedly even though i hadn’t touched it.
after that happened my turn off button wouldn’t work so iv’e took it back to the shop i brought it from and they’ve sent it back to the manufactors.. has any1 else experienced this problem?