President Donald Trump is the champion of “love and tolerance” globally. Apparently

Donald Trump, champion of love and tolerance

It seems President Donald Trump sees himself as a champion for “love and tolerance” globally, despite evidence to the contrary in recent days and weeks.

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What? Me? Procrastinate?

Wow, Tim Urban’s TED Talk just speaks to why I procrastinate and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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Raising a Jewish family is very much a journey

Raising a Jewish family

My wife contributed a post to the All Things Mom Sydney blog titled “The Religious Effect: Raising children within a Jewish Family” which describes many of the decisions we have made.

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Dachshund eating a banana like a human

This video of a long-haired Dachshund eating a banana like a human is for those days when the world feels a little too unbearable.

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Why we tell Dad Jokes and other Dad stuff

Dad jokes and other Dad stuff

John Siracusa and Merlin Mann go deep on Dad Jokes and other Dad stuff in this episode of Reconcilable Differences. It’s a fun episode.

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Genius – The story of Albert Einstein

National Geographic has produced a scripted series about Albert Einstein titled “Genius” that starts in April 2017. I just watched the trailer and I definitely want to watch this.

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One of the coolest Star Trek-reality crossovers ever

Imagine real astronauts on the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise and you’d probably see a Space Shuttle crew.

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“… the whole stream is just noise”, the state of news media

I agree with Om Malik that news media seems pretty superficial lately, so much so that “the whole stream is just noise”. There is a positive side though.

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